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Do you want your kids to learn life skills and self-defense at an early age? If yes, then you need to enroll them in a Martial Arts training program. One of the finest training centers for Martial Arts is Black Tiger Martial Arts in Houston, TX. Here at Black Tiger Martial Arts, we offer instruction and training in traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido and Olympic style sparring. In addition to these, we also offer Korean Weapons training, MMA, Kali and Tai Chi. We provide training for children, teenagers and adults. We are considered one of the top family oriented Martials Arts schools in Northwest Houston.

Our Mission

Black Tiger Martial Arts, an established self-defense training center in Houston, are members of UMA Taekwondo Association, UMA Hapkido Association, Houston Taekwondo Association, Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo Federation.

  • Focus

    To help students build character through Taekwondo Tenets.
  • Social

    To help students increase self esteem by learning what is required to achieve higher belt levels.
  • Strength

    To assist the student in achieving higher levels of physical fitness through continuous training.
  • Instruction

    To provide the finest instructions in these martial arts with qualified Masters and Instructors.


  • Black Tiger Martial Arts have a Hapkido program that is easily learned with very specific techniques for each belt level. I couldn’t be happier with this program.

    Jeff English


  • My son loves this place! He is always excited to go to every class and learn something new. Master Bill, Robin, and Instructor Ian are great with all the kids.

    Shauna Ingram


  • Master Instructors Bill and Robin have a gift for working with kids and have created an upbeat school where all of the students seem to enjoy practices and competitions.

    Scott McIlhany


  • Great instructor great experience for my son. He has been more anxious and motivated to want to excel

    Dorian Parker


  • Master Bill and Master Robin are patient teachers, with a laid back attitude. The school is family-friendly, and occasionally has parties for holidays.

    Rick Lobrecht